New India is clarion call of 125 crore countrymen

New India is clarion call of 125 crore countrymen

Mar 26,  2:0 PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi called upon citizens to be the part of the transformation of the country so that the dream of New India can be fulfilled. Sharing his thoughts in the 30th edition of Mann Ki Baat in All India Radio today, Mr Modi said, New India is the clarion call of 125 crore countrymen. He said it is the desire of 125 crore countrymen for change. He said, New India is neither a government programme, nor is it the manifesto of a political party, nor is it a project. Mr Modi said it is the essence of the emotions of the Indians wanting to come together and create a magnificent India.

Mr Modi said, there are lakhs of people, who besides their own personal responsibilities are working selflessly for the exploited, victimised, deprived and for the poor and the oppressed. He said, the belief that service to humanity is service to God, is innate to Indians.

The Prime Minister said, if every citizen resolves that he will discharge his duties honestly, it will contribute to the realisation of the dream New India. Mr Modi urged people to be part of the journey from Swaraj to Suraaj by making their lives disciplined, and filled with resolve.

Remembering Mahatma Gandhi’s Champaran Satyagrah which is completing 100 years next month, Mr Modi said, in India’s struggle for freedom, Gandhian thought and Gandhian practice became manifest for the first time in Champaran. He said, it was a turning point in the entire journey of India’s freedom struggle.

Mr Modi said, the immense power of the common man in the freedom struggle, manifests again in the journey from Swaraj to Suraaj for the benefit and happiness of all.

Expressing happiness over large number of people participating in the digital payment, Prime minister said the poorest of the poor also making an attempt to learn to do business without cash. He said there has been a surge in various modes of digital payment after demonetisation and over one and half crore people have downloaded BHIM app.

Urging the people to become a brave soldier in the fight against black money and corruption, Prime minister asked 125 crore countrymen to undertake 2500 crore digital transactions during this year.

Welcoming the increased participation of working class women, Mr Modi said central government has taken a very important decision of giving maternity leave of 26 weeks, instead of the earlier 12 weeks for their pregnancy and delivery. He highlighted the basic aim is to ensure proper care of the newborn, the future citizen of India from the time of birth. Prime minister said this landmark decision will benefit 18 lakh women working in the formal sector.

Prime minister said 7th April is World Health Day and this year the focus is on Depression. Saying there is a need to create psychologically conducive environment for the person suffering from depression, Mr Modi said depression is curable. He said yoga is a good means for mental wellbeing.

Extending greetings to people of Bangladesh on their Independence Day, Mr Modi assured that India is a strong partner, a good friend of Bangladesh and both nations will continue to work together to contribute towards peace, security and development of the entire region.

Paying tributes to Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru, the Prime Minister said, no words can do justice to their sacrifice and they continue to inspire people. In his address, Mr Modi also touched upon the issues of cleanliness and wastage of food.

Mr Modi also greeted people for the new year which will be celebrated in different parts of the country on Tuesday.

Ajay V. Jakhar 3rd Generation Dullard – Misrepresent Farmers

March26, 2017 (C) Ravinder Singh


When we talk of Farming Crisis anywhere in India and if we have Pin Point one person or family it is Jakhar Family. All their recommendations are Anti Farmer and Anti Punjab.


Ajay Vir Jakhar is 3rd Generation of Dullards who had always Misrepresented Indian Farmers.


1.   In over 60 years and three generations in to politics Jakhar can’t ensure that Food

Grains are not Dumped in OPEN on INFECTED YARDS in Mandis of Punjab.


2.   This DULLARD doesn’t understand even basics of Agriculture.

3.   In the following LUNATIC article he advocates WITHDRAWAL of Subsidy On

Fertilizers & Electricity which is Rs.9000 Cr and went on to Claim that Punjab Farmers get Rs.90,000 as Subsidy which is HORRENDOUS. He assumed there are 1.1m Cultivators there are JOINT HOLDINGS, Farm Labor, Local & Migrant depending on Agriculture. Actually 15m or more people directly or Indirectly depend on Farming in Punjab.


4.   Punjab produces 30 million tones of Foodgrains, 6 million tones of Sugar-

cane, 6 million tones of fruit and vegetables, Cotton, 10 million tones of milk = 55 Million Tones of Crops Plus Farm Waste Used as Foddar.




6.    This DULLARD doesn’t know that International Price of Fertilizer is 50% of

India – Imports could substantially reduce Fertilizer cost.


7.    Punjab farmers pay 13% Market Fee – More Than Rs.1500/Tone.


8.   Other States are Getting a.] Fertilizer Subsidy, b.] Electricity Subsidy, +++

PLUS c.] Drip Irrigation & Solar Pump Subsidy, d.] Crop Insurance, e.] Very High State/Center Budget on Dams & Irrigation. Punjab don’t need PLUSES its 99% Cropped Area is Irrigated.


9.   Ajay Vir Jakhar didn’t advocate 50% increase in MSP of crops.


10.        If Punjab get All The Water it needs for Agriculture there shall

be much less dependence on Subsidized Electricity.


11.        He didn’t tell us about WASTEFUL use of Water In Rajasthan &

50% Yamuna Water going waste to Sea, Build New Storages.


12.        Jakhars didn’t advocate LONG TERM CROP LOANS to Farmers

of Punjab who raise Crops 2-3 Times a Year.


Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS

Y-77, Hauz Khas, ND -110016, India. Ph: 091- 9871056471, 9718280435, 9650421857

Ravinder Singh* is a WIPO awarded inventor specializing in Power, Transportation,

Smart Cities, Water, Energy Saving, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Technologies and Project

MCD Residential House Tax Waiver – AAP Promise Great Idea

सर्वोच्च अदालत के वरिष्ठ अधिवक्ता संजय पारीख जी ने ली नर्मदा घाटी की मुलाकात।


डूब क्षेत्र के हर प्रभावित को संपूर्ण न्याय दिलाने तक साथ देने का आश्वासन।

बडवानी | २६ मार्च: नई दिल्ली पधारकर, नर्मदा घाटी के सरदार सरोवर व अन्य बांधों के विस्थापितों की कानूनी लडाई लडते आये अधिवक्ता संजय पारीख जी ने धार और बडवानी तथा खरगोन जिले के सैकडो गावों के हजारो प्रभावित परिवारों से मुलाकात की।

फरवरी 8, 2017 के रोज सर्वोच्च अदालत ने दिये विस्थापितों के पुनर्वास संबंधित दिये फैसले के बाद पधारे अधिवक्ता संजय जी का जोरदार स्वागत घाटी के हजारों किसान, मजदूर, मछुआरे, कुम्हार, व्यापारीयों ने भी किया। 25 मार्च की रात 10 बजे से मध्यरात्रतक निसरपुर जैसे बडे गाव में करीबन् दो हजार बहनों भाईयों ने वकील साहअ का सम्मान किया। हीरालाल भाई, धुरजी भाई, मुकेश भाई और मंगती बहन ने निसरपुर की हकीकत बया की।

2012-2013 में ही आधा डूब चुका निसरपुर के अब सैकडों परिवारों को ‘‘ डूब के बाहर ‘‘ घोषित करना तथा 600 एकड गांव के ही किसानों की जमीन जबरन् पुनर्वास स्थल के लिए अधिग्रहित करके कईयों को भूमीहीन बनाना पुनर्वास स्थल पर करोडो रूपये खर्चकर भी 30 कि.मी. के रास्ते कम से कम गुणवत्ता के निर्माण करना, गरीब, भूमीहीनों को आज तक दूसरी आजीविका या सही नुकसान भरपाई न देना….. आदि समस्याओं से संजय जी उभरू किया।

चिखल्दा में सैकडो लोगों ने संजय पारीख जी का राघाट से सुनिल केवट की नाव में से नर्मदा तट पधारते ही झंडे बैनर साथ महिला बच्चे,सभी गाववासीयों के द्वाररा रैली द्वारा स्वागत और साफा बांधकर सम्मान भी किया। मछुआरे, केवट, कारीगरों ने पारीख जी से कहा कि हम जीएंगे कैसे? हमें भी चाहिये वैकल्पिक आजीविका की निश्चिती।

अधिवक्ता संजय पारीख जी अपने वक्तव्यों में, उनकी तमाम लडाइयों, जैसे ओरिसा की निसमगिरि के संघर्ष, गंगा-यमुना के संघर्ष में आज तक उनकी हासिली की जानकारी देकर कहा कि सर्वोच्च अदालत का फैसला कई बाबतों में लाभदायी बताया, लेकिन यह भी कहा कि उसमें भी प्रभावितों को पुनर्वास स्थ्ज्ञल की तमाम सुविधाओं को सुनिश्चित करने का अधिकार विस्थापितों को मिलने के लिए प्रक्रिया जरूरी है।

पारीखजी ने कहा कि 31 सालों से संघर्ष करने वालों की यह जीत है और जिन्हें पूर्ण न्याय नहीं मिला है, उनकी लडाई भी आंदोलन के अनुभव और सही विकास के नजरिये के साथ न्यायपालिका के अंदर लडने के लिए मेरे जैसे अधिवक्ता सम्मान जनक मानते हुए, हरदम तैयार है।

पारीख जी ने कहा किसान फैसले के अनुसार शपथ पत्र जरूर दे किन्तु उसमें भी अपने बुनियादी संवैधनिक अधिकारों की वंचना न होने दे। आंदोलन के अधिवक्ता इसे सही तरीके से आगे बढाने में मदद करेंगे।

मछुआरों के, केवटो के, घर का कम मुआवजा मिला है, या जमीन के बदले नगद एस.आर.पी. की दूसरी किश्त दबाव-प्रभाव में लिए किसानों के भी जो अधिकार पुनर्वास नीति में है, उन्हें अमल में लाने से राज्य शासन क्यों हिचकिचाती है? उन्होने खुद होकर ये कार्य करने चाहिए। आजतक सर्वोच्च अदालत में इन सभी मुददों पर अडगे डाले ‘‘ 0 ‘‘ बैलेन्स बताया, वह मार्ग अ छोड देना चाहिये।

मेधा पाटकर ने बताया कि संजय पारीख जी ने  गंगा, यमुना की कानूनी पैरवी की है, चुनाव सुधार तक कई याचिकाओं में आम लोगों को राहत पर्यावरण दी है। अब गंगा, युमना जैसे नर्मदा को भी ‘‘ इन्सान ‘‘ रूपी क्यों नहीं माना जाए? म.प्र. शासन नर्मदा सेवा यात्रा मे करोडों रू. खर्च करने के बबदले नर्मदा की घाटी की प्रकृति, संस्कृति और विस्थापितों बचाने में सही भुमिका लेगी तो ही जनविरोधी राजनीति से छुटकारा होगा। अन्यथा आंदोलन तो लडकर अपना हक ले ही लेगा।

देवराम कनेरा  राहुल यादव   भागीरथ धनगर  श्यमा बहन  सीताराम अवास्या

AAP MMR Health Wing marches for safe health care

The Aam Aadmi party condemns the pathetic health infrastructure in Maharashtra and the government’s apathy to the condition of both medical staff, and patients.

The recent attacks on doctors are the consequence of poor medical services as consecutive state governments have neglected health care services. Inadequacy of medical facilities leads to ire among the loved one of patients, and lack of security for medical staff leads to violent outpouring of flared emotions. The root cause of both these causes is the apathy of the state government.

Instead of attempting to resolve the issue quickly, the BJP Government forced the doctors to go on strike and this caused immense distress to patients. AAP does not support any strike of essential services that inconveniences the citizens and we condemn the BJP Government for letting this issue linger for 4 days in which many precious lives may have been lost.

As a party we are solution seeking and proactive – the AAP MMR Health Wing demonstrated this by initiating a Mohalla Health Clinic to give free medical treatment in Mumbai.

Today the Health Wing is leading a March in solidarity with patients and doctors in order to create awareness of the gross negligence in health services by the state Government. Dr Karmarkar, along with the Mumbai leadership, will lead the March. AAP National Executive Member Preeti Sharma Menon will also join the March.

Time – 4.30 pm

Date – Sunday, 26th March 2017-03-26

Route – From AAP KA MOHALLA CLINIC Beside Amar Hospital Kurla Kamani (Kurla West)

To Kurla Bus Depot. Return via Bail Bazaar, Kale Marg